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What Does Adderall Do?

Adderall is a medicine that is a combination of amphetamine & dextroamphetamine. Both components work together & run through the bloodstream to brain cells. That increases focus, controls impulsive behavior, & increases dopamine & norepinephrine in the brain to stay focused. 

What is Adderall?

Adderall is the most used medicine in the USA right now. It is used to treat children/adults who are diagnosed with ADHD. Adderall’s generic name is amphetamine & dextroamphetamine. Both generic drugs do the same work as Adderall does. Children who are diagnosed with ADHD can improve their focus, impulsivity, and hyperness by using Adderall.  If your children have any symptoms which we have mentioned on this page So consult with your healthcare provider. 

Adderall Chemical Formula:

Formula: C9H13N

Molecular Weight: 135.21 g

Boiling point: 203 °C

Metabolism: CYP2D6, DBH, FMO3

Soluble in: Water

Other names: α-methylphenethylamine


Can we take Adderall for Depression?

Using Adderall you can feel energetic, Focused, control your impulsivity, calm your brain cells but it cannot be used as an antidepressant medicine. This medicine is not approved by the FDA for Depression. If you are going through a bad depression you should consult with your medical professional & consume separately the medicine of depression.

Adderall and alcohol

Adderall is a treatment for ADHD & narcolepsy. People who take this medicine along with alcohol can cause dangerous side effects.  Adderall’s stimulant effects can counteract the sedating effects of alcohol, Using Adderall with alcohol can decrease the effects of the medicine. As a result, you will drink more &  may not be able to reduce the ADHD Symptoms.

How do you take Adderall?

Use Adderall medicine as prescribed by your doctor. Otherwise, you can see the label to get the proper solution. First-time users can set the timing to take this medicine. Have these tablets in the morning when you wake up with a meal or without a meal. You can take these medicines 2-3 times every 4-6 hours as per your doctor’s prescription. It is important not to take your medicine too late in the evening. Sleeping problems occur when you take it too late. Swallow the whole medicine by placing it in your mouth with water or any other healthy liquid. Adults can take maximum doses of Adderall 40 mg & children 30 mg once a day. Adderall XR Dose for adults is 40 mg & children’s daily dose is 30 mg. This medicine should not be broken, crushed, chewed, or crushed. 

These doses depend on your age, gender, the medical condition which your doctor can easily analysis & prescribe the doses according to your body’s needs. For better results, use these medicines daily as your healthcare provider gives a suggestion to you.

What Do You Need to Know Before Taking Adderall?

Adderall, & similar medicines should be discussed with a doctor before use. These medicines are II schedule drugs, approved by medical professionals or researchers. You can be addicted to it. Use them after consulting with the healthcare provider. 

  • Before going with Adderall, if you have any allergy to Adderall or any other stimulant immediately have a conversation with your doctor.
  • glaucoma,
  • Heart disease,
  • High blood pressure,
  • Thyroid,
  • In your history, if you are addicted to alcohol & drugs.
  • It is necessary to know your doctor about other prescription or non-prescription medications that you & your children are using. Sometimes these medicines can cause side effects by interfering with each other.
  • Ask your doctor about Adderall uses side effects, effects, course time & dose strength. 
  • Ask your healthcare provider about food, fruits, and what you should eat & avoid?
  • Follow the instructions of the doctor that are mentioned in the prescription. 
  • You can ask your doctor for the fact sheet so you can take a copy and read it clearly. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Don’t give this medicine to your children or adult If he/she has been taking MAO inhibitors for the last 14 days. Both drugs can create serious effects. Adderall should not be given under the age of 3 years children.
  • Pregnant women or those planning to become mothers should not take Adderall because it can cause premature delivery, low birth weight, or withdrawal symptoms in the baby. Breastfeeding mothers who will begin taking Adderall should not feed their baby while taking it because it mixes with the milk and can pass into breast milk and harm your baby.

How to Store Adderall?

Medicines can be stored at cool temperatures or room temperature. But with Adderall, you can store it only at room temperature level. Store it in a place where any kind of moisture & heat cannot mix up or interact with the medicine. Don’t keep it in the kitchen or washroom. In your family, if anyone has a history of addicted alcohol & any type of drug, keep away from them. Keep away from the children’s hands so they cannot harm themselves.

What are the Side effects of Adderall?

In some cases, Adderall can cause mild to serious side effects. Using Adderall, it is obvious you may have some side effects which you have already consulted with your doctor. If not, here we are sharing some common side effects while using Adderall:-

  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headache
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stomach pain
  • Weakness
  • Weight loss
  • Excitement
  • Irritability

These are not complete details of common side effects. If you observe any other side effects, connect with your doctor soon.

Serious side effects

If you are not feeling well or uncomfortable while using Adderall, get emergency help soon. Below are the listed serious side effects:-

  • Swelling on face, throat, tongue
  • Dial an emergency call to your doctor if you notice a heart breakout not being able to breathe, chest pain.
  • Seizure
  • Hallucinations, behavior problems, mood swings
  • Skin color change in your fingers & toes, numbness, pain
  • Muscle pain

Warnings & Precautions

  • You can be addicted to Adderall & this medicine is a drug of abuse. also if you are consuming alcohol & addicted to it. So it is your responsibility to inform your healthcare provider.
  • It can be dangerous for those people who have Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, breathing problems. This medicine can cause stroke, heart attack, and sudden death.
  • You can face some symptoms like blood circulation issues as a result of numbness  in your toes, fingers, and pain
  • Inform your doctor if you are feeling a heart attack, chest pain, experience any new symptoms.
  • Feeling short breath, depression, aggression, hallucinations. 
  • You cannot use Adderall if you have glaucoma, thyroid, high blood pressure, heart attack, history of drug abuse & alcohol.
What is Adderall toxicity?

If you are Consuming an excessive amount, it can be harmful to your health & wealth. You are inviting, heart attack, high blood pressure, trouble breathing, passing out dial emergency call number at 911. Otherwise, you can call the poison control room at 800-222-122.

How long does Adderall last in your body?

Many patients have questioned how long Adderall stays in their system and for those patients today we are discussing how long does Adderall last In Hair: 

  • Adderall stays in the hair for up to 3 months.
  • In Urine: In human urine, Adderall stays for 72 to 96 hours.
  • In Saliva: Adderall is found in Saliva for 20 to 50 hours.
  • In Blood: Adderall stays for up to 46 hours.

The life span of Adderall in the human body depends on many factors which are bodyweight, doses, the PH level of urine, and more.

Adderall without a prescription: Is it possible?

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