Essential Oil Blends For Anxiety(Grab Your Bottles Of Relief)

Essential Oil Blends For Anxiety

In today’s time, surprisingly people are ready to use and try traditional methods for health and well-being. We can easily see high demands for oil blends and various essential oils extracted from different herbs and plants. This demand is directly or indirectly connected to the aromatherapy. A study done in 2015 suggested that aromatherapy can be used as a complementary treatment for anxiety resulting in an unsaid urge in people to find the best essential oil for anxiety and depression.

Basically, Essential oils are aromatic extracts obtained using distillation from plant parts namely roots, fruits, flowers, or leaves. Essential oils have traditionally been used for depression as relaxation, and reduction in momentary anxiety oil blending. In this blog, we will be discussing the best essential oil blends For anxiety relief.

Best Kind Of Essential Oil:

The study titled ‘A systematic review of anxiolytic-like effects of essential oils’ suggested that extracted essential oils can reduce anxiety and relax the mind within significantly less time. Different kinds of essential oils are mentioned further:


Commonly known as lavender, Lavandula from the mint family is an aromatic herb. It is one of the most popular oil essentials amongst users. Lavender has interactions with the limbic system(the brain part involved in emotional and behavioral responses) producing a calming effect and controlling your thoughts and feelings.

It is helpful in sleep encouragement and reduces anxiety levels as well. Putting lavender in a diffuser during the night in your bedroom also helps. It is also used for cramping, skin injuries, and congestion caused by sinus.

Bergamot Orange:

Bergamot Orange(citrus bergamia) is a citric fruit famous for its fragrance and beneficial juice. Essential oil from this fruit is obtained by cold pressing of its rind. Some research suggests that by releasing dopamine, bergamot boosts the mind and decreases stress.

Utilizing bergamot orange essential oil in an aromatherapy diffuser medium makes your home and surroundings relaxing as many studies also suggested that bergamot really is more effective than resting sometimes.


Also called Cananga Odorata, Ylang-Ylang is a yellow star-shaped flower obtained via steam distillation. It is largely used in cosmetic industries and added to soaps, lotions, and perfumes. Ylang-Ylang is used for various applications in anxiety alleviation and mood boosters as suggested by aromatherapists.

The study suggested applying or inhaling the essential oil of ylang-ylang can reduce anxiety and boost self-esteem. It can reduce the management of blood pressure rates to healthy levels and hence has a sedative effect on a person. This star-shaped flower is also used to reduce sexual anxiety as a folk remedy.


It is an edible fruit from a bushing plant. Generally known for its refreshing lemonade recipe, it has other health and mental well-being applications too. As shown and suggested in two studies lemon is a very common and significant fruit. It has anxiolytic therapeutic properties plant.

Firstly, lemon essential oil reduces morning sickness in pregnant women and enhances cognitive function. Secondly, lemon oil scents reduced anxiety after orthopedic surgery in patients.

Chamomile Herb:

Having small white petals, a yellow center, and a thin stem, Chamomile forms a daisy-like flower. The steam distillation method is used to extract a fruity smell. From ancient times chamomile has been used as medicine in Rome Greece and Egypt.

It is also best known as an herbal tea ingredient. Some evidence suggests its use in sleep improvement and anxiety ease making it popular amongst people and aromatherapists.


Having fragrance retaining the natural properties for decades makes the sandalwood plant one of the costliest plants on planet Earth. It is also known as Chandan locally in the Asian subcontinent.

Sandalwood has a wide range of benefits as it is one of the most fragrant of essential oils. It has anti-inflammatory properties making it one of the best aids for anxiety reduction. Its sedative effects, reduce wakefulness making it an effective remedy for stress and anxiety relief.


Peppermint leaves have traditionally been used for health purposes. In ancient civilizations like Greece and Egypt, peppermint was used for disorders in the digestive system. In modern times essential oil is extracted from the flowering parts and leaves are used in cosmetics. This oil finds its application in stress reduction and is used to reduce mental illness.


Obtained from the Boswellia tree, it is a gum-like substance. Frankincense is used in aromatherapy and for skin oil as well. Some contemporary studies suggested that Frankincense resins have therapeutic properties producing analgesic and tranquilizing effects.

A few studies showed that using essential oil in blends can reduce stress and can help with anxiety and depression as well.

Much-Needed Blends To Help With Your Anxiety:

A blend of lavender, sandalwood orange-peppermint was utilized in the study which turned out to be surprisingly beneficial. That very blend helped in Lowering blood pressure and lowering the level of cortisol in saliva. According to a study done on 87 women undergoing biopsy for breast cancer tests, aromatherapy helped reduce their anxiety. Here are some pleasing blends for anxiety:

Lavender, Frankincense And Peppermint:

One of the most fantastic blends for you, when focus time is needed, is Lavender, Frankincense, and Peppermint One. Stress and worries can be cured instantly.

This blend is an instant mood lifter and helps in providing relief for insomnia, headaches, and anxiety. Besides aromatherapy, the essential oil of lavender is used popularly in lymphatic flow and immunity booster. So this blend also enhances your physical health.

Lavender And Ylang Ylang:

Both essential oils have a good smell and best blend for refreshment. The Lavender and Ylang Ylang blend does wonders in calming the mind. Pouring this blend into a diffuser will show results in soothing your anxious mind.

It is best advised by aromatherapists to use this blend for diffusion at night just before laying down for your sleep. It provides you with relaxation and continuous sleep.

Sandalwood And Lavender:

Having sandalwood guarantees a long-lasting fragrance effect in the blend. While lavender relaxes instantly. This blend is of great smell and will give you a refreshing and nature-like aroma.

Sandal and Lavender maximize the relaxation effect and enhance sleep hygiene resulting in decreased anxiety levels. After mixing it with coconut oil you can also try it in your bath water.

How To Use Oil Blends:

Using concentrated oils can cause allergies. To dilute pure oils, blends are recommended with almond or olive oils. Application of blend oils can be used through various mediums such as:

  • Skin Application:

You can directly massage your skin as these blends can aid in skincare and well-being. You can apply oil and rub gently at tension muscular pain areas and at your feet as well.

  • Diffuser:

Essential oil blend diffuser calming therapy can be performed using any kind of diffuser. In the market, you can opt for candles, lamp rings, electric or ceramic ones.

  • Inhale:

Inhaling vapors of blends is more effective. Just simply inhale deeply after opening the bottle. There is another way of dry evaporation that requires fabric or a cotton ball(inhale by holding the cotton ball or fabric close to your nose).

  • Steam method:

Steaming is also an effective method by placing a towel over the head.

Precautions While Using Oil Blends:

Although essential oils of odoriferous plants have a history of aromatherapy, there are some important points to be cautious about.

  • Undoubtedly it is beneficial but aromatherapy is not an alternative to medical prescriptions.
  • If using oils on the skin, they must be applied as per the direction of qualified aromatherapists.
  • In any condition, there should not be any adulteration of the essential oils.
  • Peppermint can cause serious side effects in children.
  • Essential oil blends are not recommended for everybody. Children and older adults are more vulnerable to allergies.
  • Some studies suggested applying a few kinds of essential oils directly can cause skin photosensitivity.


Essential oil blend is natural and has the least chance of side effects on mental and physical health. Although there are no medical pieces of evidence some studies done on the use of oils and aromatherapy have shown positive results.

We advise you to go ahead with the prescription and recommendation as per your aromatherapist’s.

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