Homeopathic Medicine For Anxiety: Your Very Own Go-To Solution

Homeopathic Medicine For Anxiety

Before going into details of which Homeopathic Medicine For Anxiety would suit you the best, let’s just understand the basics of homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines have been in use for more than 2 centuries, made by diluting a substance in water for human consumption purposes. It is surprising to know homeopathic medicine has properties that can resolve your psychological issues.

Intake of homeopathic medicine doses can be in liquid form (made by diluting it with water), in granule powder( after drying and crushing), or in general tablet form. Your medical practitioner might ask you for changes in routine life. Generally, a homeopath considers the patient’s (physical, mental, or emotional) symptoms while advising a homeopathic medicine as the remedy.

These homeopathic medicines are proven remedies for different types Of Anxiety Disorders namely Specific Phobias, Panic, Separation Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Nervousness, Worry, Fear, tension, Trembling, Restlessness, Palpitations, Panic, Sweating, Shortness Of Breath, Headache, Concentration Difficulty, Dizziness, and Chest Pain are general signs Of Anxiety. In short, we can say that there are many Homeopathic Medicines that can be used for anti-anxiety meds. In this blog, we are going to some of these medicines only. So without any delay, let’s start the show.

List Of Homeopathic Medicine Used To Cure Anxiety:

This blog further has an explanation of the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of different homeopathic remedies for anxiety.

1. Gelsemium Sempervirens(The False Jasmine):

Gelsemium Sempervirens is generally known as false jasmine/ false jessamine. Studies suggested that the central nervous system has a high sensitivity to the anxiolytic(relief in anxiety) power of this plant extract.

An increase in blood pressure level is a common symptom due to anxiety or random shock which could be treated by a Homeopathic Gelsemium Sempervirens dose. This medicine helps in treating job interviews or examination time nervousness, and also some severe anxieties that, sometimes, result in physical paralysis of the patient. A person with mental apathy or social awkwardness in unfamiliar situations can use this remedy for improvement.

2. Stramonium(The Devil’s Snare):

Stramonium is extracted from jimsonweed(datura stramonium). It is also known as devil’s snare or thorn apple locally and has traditionally been used by tribes as an intoxicant. This property makes it remedial for anxiety.

This remedy finds its use in helping mitigate restlessness due to overthinking and movements of muscle improvement. Stramonium is a significant remedy for the person with a continuous desire for someone else’s company, fear of monstrous or mysterious figures in darkness, fear while staying awake, fear of fire, night terror, and violent behavior. This is beneficial in protecting the patient from becoming a chronic anxiety patient.

3. Pulsatilla(The Easter Flower):

It is a purple-flowered herbal plant believed to be a medicinal one, it is potentized(the process of making homeopathic medicines) after it dries. It contains bacteria and pain-fighting chemicals. Pulsatilla homeopathy is suggested for insecure people who have the need for more than enough support and comfort, that too constantly. This remedy is fit for a person with mood swings, especially for women in periods.

This is useful when you feel anxious (especially in conditions when fresh air or gentle physical movement brings relief instantly) and this remedy could be taken for Clingy behavior or separation anxiety kind of fear as well.

4. Arsenicum Album(Metallic White Oxides):

White Oxide of metallic Arsenic is used to prepare an arsenic album. Aqueous Arsenic solution has been used as a remedy for mental complaints. This medicine provides a remedial effect if you are obsessed with tidiness and can be party used to treat ADHD in some conditions too.

Thinking about your well-being is obvious and totally good for you but if you have a habit of constantly checking your health reports and appearances, it could be a sign that you are an anxious person. If that’s the case, Arsencium Album is your remedy. Any individual feeling exhausted and restless at the same instant of time is also advised to take this medicine.

5. Calcera Carbonica(The European Oyster):

Calcera carbonica for anxiety remedies is obtained from a calcareous substance found in between the inner and outer shells of oysters. This is useful for curing mental exhaustion. Sometimes working for your dream and continuous physics makes you overwhelmed resulting in breakdown or failure fear. Don’t worry this happens mostly with strong people and independent individuals.

Being overwhelmed and exhausted makes one more anxious. All of these anxiety signs can be cured with a homeopathic remedy medicine dose of Calcarea Carbonica.

6. Argentum Nitricum(Silver Nitrate Derivative):

Argentum Nitricum is a derivative of a natural compound silver nitrate. It is potentized(the process of making homeopathic medicines) for use as a remedy.

This medicine is a significant remedy if you get frightened of speaking publicly or find stepping on stage a bit scary. You can have Argentum Nitricum, as it helps in getting relief from stage fear. This can provide instant relief, although temporary, from nervousness and social anxiety as well.

7. Kali Phosphoricum(Phosphate of Potassium):

Kali Phosphoricum is composed of phosphate of potassium which is a biochemic tissue salt. This medicine is also useful for hypersensitive people who have the tendency to jump to conclusions or are startled by unfamiliar sounds easily.

Have you been feeling tired from working overly? Or if you are thinking that you are unable to cope with your work, even if it is not a giant or laborious task, Kali Phosphoricum is of great help to you.

8. Aconite Napellus(Wolfsbane):

Aconite Napellus is a blue-purple flower having poisonous roots that have homeopathic remedial properties. It has other common names such as monkshood, wolfsbane, and friars. A dose of Aconitum napellus is remedial for anxiety in remedying fear of death(rarely felt), which is called thanatophobia which causes anxiety in your mind. It is basically a panic attack. Aconite Napellus is helpful in all these anxiety types.

In Extreme breath conditions namely breath shortness during anxiety and strong palpitations, this remedy could be helpful as well.

9. Lycopodium(Ground Pine):

Lycopodium has other names as clubfoot, foxtail, and ground pine. Few studies support that lycopodium is neuroprotective making it remedial for anxiety-related issues. Lycopodium finds its applicability as remedial medicine for people having anxiety before starting a task, taking the first step, or feeling intimidated by pretentious strong personalities. Many people who talk loudly or without reason start a conversation have this anxiety.

This medicine is also helpful for anxiety caused by a lack of confidence and mental stress. People with signs of claustrophobia, suffocation, and irritation take this medicine for relief.

10. Silicea(Silicic Oxide Compound):

Silica mineral is the resource of Silicea remedy. It is derived from silica or silicic oxide. It is potentized to get its extract and finds its application in many anxiety-related issues. If somebody is facing a loss of confidence after every unwanted or undesirable encounter, then it is serious anxiousness manifesting its form in tremors. Anxiety can turn its worst when worry and overwhelming work clashes, making headaches and exhaustion frequent.

The most commonly found insecurities of fearing new things, and hesitation to explore something new can turn individuals into workaholics by utilizing the escape coping mechanism. Silicea finds its remedial properties significant for this as well.

Do Homeopathic Medicines Have Any Side Effects?

These medicines do not have side effects as there is no study or research suggesting that. No severe symptoms after usage have been observed in any individual so far. Sometimes people try to apply the herbs/ plants directly on the skin for various dermatological purposes. These direct applications have side effects but in medicines intake, no such effects have been noticed.

Final suggestions:

Many modern medical experts argue that the positive results seen in people taking homeopathy are because of placebo effects, which generally means ‘fake’ or ‘not real just mimicking the original’. We like to suggest you not substitute or replace this alternative with a conventional medical system.

Although these medicines do not guarantee a 100 percent cure, like allopathy or any other system of medicine. But in modern times they are popular by virtue of their positive impacts. You should not hesitate to try using these homeopathy remedies due to their no side effect factor.

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