What causes Mental illness?

What causes Mental illness

Mental illness can be induced by a variety of factors. Even the researchers have no idea what causes are the main reasons for developing different types of mental illness. They are still researching the human brain to identify the main reason for mental illness.

Mental illness is also called a mental health disorder. This disorder affects our mood, behavior, and behavior. Mental illness disorder has a variety of factors which include: anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, eating disorder & addictive behavior. These illnesses can be caused by environmental, psychological, and biological factors.

Many of us have health concerns from time to time but the mental health concern produces mental illness. When ongoing symptoms of mental illness create stress & it affects daily life routine, Mental illness can make you unhappy & that is why you cannot focus on your school life, office, daily life routine that can be treated by talk therapy or medication.

Symptoms of mental illness

Mental illness signs & symptoms depend on situation, & other factors. Mental illness can depend on many factors. People who are in a situation of mental illness cannot control their behavior, mind, emotions, etc.

8 Majour Causes Of Mental illness

There are some biological factors which cause mental illness including genetic, infection, toxin, injuries etc. There are many biological examples which generate through parents to their children like diabetic also some mental health illnesses transfer biologically. We have listed some biological risk factors for mental illness:-

1. Genetics:

mental illness main reason could be genetics. If someone in the family is suffering through mental illness, behaviour, it’s more likely genetically run to the genes through the next generation. Sometimes it cannot. But in most cases it is passed on to the next generation. People who have a history of the disease are more susceptible to it.

A person whose family member has certain types of issues like bad teeth, mental illness, diabetes, baldness may have the same due to genes. Some believe that if someone in the family has a temper issue, they will genetically run to their children. This means that we are likely to inherit the same biological or behavioral conditions from our ancestors.

2. Brain defects or injury:

If a person has a serious brain injury can be the main reason for it.

3. Prenatal damage:

Any type of damage which occurs to the fetus when in the mother’s womb is called prenatal damage. It is possible for a pregnant woman who uses alcohol and is exposed to illnesses or infections to develop mental illness. According to research, autism results from disruptions of early brain development.

4. Infections:

Various infections have been linked to brain damage and the development or worsening of mental illnesses.

5. Environmental:

if you are living in such a stressful environment it can cause mental illness. People who are going through mental illness which could be home life, family members behavior, responsibilities, financial etc.  It’s really difficult for those people who are going through mental illness when they are expecting something but not achieving it.

6. Drug & alcohol:

if you are consuming a drug or alcohol on a regular basis or you are addicted to it so you may suffer from mental illness. If you are struggling through mental illness, visit mental health professionals.

7. Food & sleep

Most people today are not getting adequate nutrition or nutrition that is healthy, and they are not getting 7 hours of sleep a night. Mental illness is also caused by these things.

8. Stressful Events:

If you are suffering from abuse or have lost a loved one recently, you might be taking too much stress that affects your brain function.  Going through long term abuse or missing loved ones can be linked to anxiety, depression, stress & paranoia. It may be one of the reasons for mental illness or will be more harmful to you.

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