What Is Functional Medicine? How Is It Beneficial For Our Health

What Is Functional Medicine

In this hectic and busy schedule, where the need for money has somehow overpowered the need for a healthy life, a person has become prone to different kinds of diseases and deformities including both physical and mental. In such a scenario, we need something out of the box rather than just simple medications. That’s when Functional Medicine comes into play. Now many of you might be thinking What is Functional medicine? Don’t you worry, we will be answering this question for you.

In this blog, we will be walking you through different aspects of Functional Medicine and will be shedding light on its importance.

Aim of Functional Medicine:

The main focus of Functional Medicine is to reach out to the root causes of health illnesses and problems in order to treat your body and mind. It’s not easy to feel good when you struggle with a complex medical condition. This medicine supports to come out from chronic illness and medical conditions.

Biological-science-based medical care(Functional medicine) is effective for wide concerns which include:

  • Health Optimization:

In modern days changes in diet, environment, and current levels increase the chance of chronic disease. The main aim of this medicine is to prevent disease and tackle underlying causes.

When it comes to diseases, prescribed medication can save and change lives. If you find any sign of any consequences, we recommend seeing a conventional doctor, who will give you a pill to address it.

  • Functional Medicine Practitioners Collaboration With Patients:

The main goal of functional medicine is to work for your health. It plays a crucial role in your journey to health whether it is physical or mental health. it may help to reduce the disease and prevent any unwanted symptoms.

  • Providing Holistic Medicine:

Today we have different specialists for treating every part of the body. Chronic disease has many causes, so with the different tests, we can tackle them but it still gets tough to tackle them all at a time. So we focus on eliminating the root cause of problems by improving digestion levels, mental health, and balancing hormones. The other functional medicine principles are based on gut health tests. Akkermansia measures the levels of gut health tests.

Concerns of Functional Medicine:

Functional medicine can affect the body adversely if taken without the proper guidance. Here are some of the concerns that everyone should have in mind while consuming Functional Medicine:

  • Digestive issues that cause irritation, and allergies to food.
  • Autoimmune conditions such as inflammatory bowel chronic disease.
  • Stress-related issues including poor concentration and fatigue.
  • Women’s health issues imbalanced hormones and unbalanced nutrition.

How Does Functional Medicine Work?

The number of chronic diseases in our society is increasing day by day such as cancer, diabetes, and mental illness. Many physicians experience diagnoses and illnesses that need urgent care like thyroid, infections.

Modern Western Society directly influences the rise in chronic disease due to some factors such as environmental exposures and today’s lifestyle. According to physicians, Chronic disease can be treated by some strategies such as nutrition, diet, and exercise included in the diet of patients. According to a physician, this medical science applies prescribed treatments including surgery that motive to treat the symptoms. Medical science has been experienced for the last 50 years mainly in chronic illness.

Functional Medicine works on the same theory as Medical Science by working to solve the root cause of the problem rather than reducing pain. Pain Relief is the secondary cause of Functional Medicines, not the primary.

These new technologies support the new diagnostic tools for the growth of functional radiology and functional genomics. The functional assessment focuses on understanding the
patients’ emotional and physical functions of reference of the frame with a telescope and microscope

Some Disorders treated with functional radiology and functional genomics are:

  • Depression Syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Chronic pain syndrome
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia syndrome
  • Sleep apnea syndrome
  • Esophageal reflux disorder syndrome
  • Cognitive dysfunction syndrome

How Functional Medicine Is Better?

For each symptom, there are different diagnoses for recovery from illness. The best approach, Functional Medicine is a medical science that helps to identify the root cause of the disease.

Some trademarks of functional medicine include:

Evidence-Based Medicine:

Modern medical science is used for the treatment and diagnosis of chronic diseases. Evidence-based medicine is a scientific method to improve healthcare decisions and it combines patients’ values and professional experience approach to the best medical decision.

Individualized health assessment:

Functional medicine doctors use specialized tests that may include urine testing, saliva, and hormone analysis to get a better understanding of your body’s functions. A comprehensive assessment that consists of mental status and plan of care.

Focus On Quality Of Life:

The main focus of Functional Medicine is on the mind and spirit of the patient and aims to guide the body’s function. Quality of life improves the ability of the patient so they can easily make health decisions.

Applies To Any Condition:

The science of this medication works on any medical condition and guide patient of any age with chronic conditions.

Patient-Centered Care:

The last 50 years of experience in functional medicine focuses on patient-centered care, which positively promotes health. The treatment is based on addressing the unique needs of each and every patient.

Functional Medicine Treatment Plan:

The main goal is to identify an individual with ill health, which involves modern lifestyle and environmental changes. A unique way of treatment plan may involve a combination of recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle, and medications and the consultant also combines a discussion of how to recover fast from the clinical test. The clinical testing also includes analysis of nutrition, hormone profiles, and gut health. The treatment plan is totally based on the prevention of lifestyle.

Benefits Of Functional Medicine:

Traditional medical science focuses on the symptoms of patients and then prescribes, medications to help with the symptoms. Functional medicine is more concerned with a system approach which includes environment, psychological factors, and food sensitivities.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of Functional medicine:

  • The medical science of this medication provides the best medical services to each individual.
  • It involves the checkup of the entire system which includes genetics, lifestyle, and environment diagnoses without treating a particular disease.
  • In the 21st century, it provides an efficient approach.
  • It is the best medical system approach to healthcare for each individual.

The Wrap-up:

With this, the blog comes to an end. We hope that we were able to clearly state the importance of Functional Medicines and lay emphasis on the need to reach the root causes of any problems be they mental or physical. With this, we wish you a good and healthy life.

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