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Xanax is a medicine used for the treatment of anxiety and panic disorders. It belongs to the benzodiazepines class of medication. It has an active ingredient called Alprazolam which suppresses the activity of our nervous system and decreases nervous agitation to provide a calming effect. Xanax helps in falling asleep better by increasing the duration of sleep and reducing panic awakenings. It enhances the effect of a natural chemical in our body that is GABA(gamma-aminobutyric acid). This medicine is available in the form of pills and should be taken after a doctor’s prescription only. It can be addictive so using it for other purposes or without consulting a doctor can be hazardous for your health.

How to use Xanax?

Always take it as being prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist. This is a drug that can be highly addictive so before taking this make sure you don’t take more doses as being told.

It is present in the form of tablets so the best way to take it is through the mouth by swallowing the tablet with plenty of water. You can take it after dissolving in water too. Take one spoon put water in it and dissolve your medicine in that water and drink it. This is another way to take it for those having nausea symptoms.

The dosage of this medicine will be decided by your doctor depending on many factors like your age, weight, and health conditions and if you are taking any other medicine. It may change with time depending on the way your body responds to it.

Don’t stop using this medicine suddenly it can give you withdrawal symptoms such as sudden changes in behavior or seizures. Always consult your doctor they may decrease the dose slowly.

After using this medicine for a long duration it might not work as well as before. Consult your doctor if this happens to you. Tell your doctor if the medicines helping or not.

What do you need to know before taking Xanax?

  • Xanax is a high-class drug that can cause drowsiness like alcohol and marijuana. It should be taken as per the prescribed doses only.
  • Don’t drive or use heavy machinery after taking this medicine as this can lead to accidents because of hallucinative effects that can be seen in a few people.
  • Xanax in high doses and longer duration can lead to addiction and it can go to the level of drug dependence.
  • Do not take Xanax if you are allergic to Alprazolam and also avoid it if you are taking any antifungal treatments like ketoconazole.
  • Your doctor should know about all the medical conditions you have and if you are already going through any therapy.
  • You should tell your doctor about any kind of vitamins or nutritional supplements you are taking.
  • For the women who are breastfeeding you should avoid using this medicine as this can affect the infant. Ask your doctor for an alternative solution or a safe way to do it.

Benefits of taking Xanax

Xanax is mostly used for the purpose of treating anxiety and panic disorders only. There are no further medicinal benefits seen after using Xanax. This medicine is helpful to cure anxiety symptoms only and to enlighten your mood. This can be addictive because of its properties. You should not use it for any other purpose.

Studies have shown that Xanax is more effective than taking a placebo for people having anxiety attacks accompanied by constant fear for more than 6 months. This medicine is known to reduce those attacks to almost zero in a few months.

Side effects of taking Xanax

Every drug has some benefits and some side effects too which can sometimes be serious or normal. Xanax also has some side effects attached to its usage.

Side effects of Xanax

The most common side effects of Xanax are:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Insomnia 
  • Itching
  • Depression
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • Nervousness
  • Dry mouth
  • Muscle strain or twitching
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Blurred vision
  • Palpitations

A few things to note, if you are already suffering from depression or taking any medication for it Xanax can worsen your depression.

In case, you have any of these symptoms do contact your doctor and ask for help.

While you get back up from the resting position do it slowly let the blood flow be normal in your body. Doing it fast can lead to the swirling of the head.

You can experience some other effects too so it is important to tell your doctor about whatever your symptoms are.

Warnings and precautions

Xanax is an active drug Alprazolam which is known to produce drowsiness, unclear vision, and sleepiness if you mix it with alcohol or consume marijuana in any form while going through this therapy this can lead to serious consequences like difficulty in breathing, fainting or any can cause death too. Avoid alcohol or any other drug while going through this therapy.

  • Don’t use this medication for any other purpose or any other disease only take it for the reason the doctor prescribed this for you.
  • Don’t increase or decrease the doses by yourself. Consult a doctor before doing that.
  • Keep this medicine tightly capped and away from children.
  • Don’t share this medicine with anybody else even if they have the same issues as you. It is considered an illegal offense.
  • Avoid grapefruit juice or you can ask your doctor for the quantity that how much quantity will be safe for you.

Storage of Xanax

Keep this medicine tightly capped in the container it came in. Store it in a dark place at room temperature and keep it safe from the damp surfaces of humid environments like toilets. This can dissolve your medicine with moisture and the tablets will get mixed up with each other. This can create problems for you in taking proper doses and you may have to buy another pack.

Keep the medicine away from the sight and reach of children. They can harm themselves if they will swallow it. All the medicines should be disposed of properly or should be returned to the medicine back program. You should not flush these medicines as these can harm animals like stray dogs etc. Always dispose of where nobody can get harmed. Don’t keep expired Xanax at home as this will increase the risk of drug abuse if you have any teenagers at home.

Drug interactions

Xanax has a high tendency to interact with other medicines, vitamins, or food supplements that you take in your normal diet. This can result in a very high risk of serious outcomes like coma or death. There are some medicines that can increase the effect of Xanax while there are medicines that can enhance its effect for a longer period and some can remove the effect from our system.

If you take Xanax with an opioid medicine it can increase the risk of breathing problems and can cause high drowsiness resulting in fainting.

If you take this medicine with other CNS depressants that this will increase sedatives in your body and can result in passing out coma, or death.

Xanax is removed by the body through the pathway and this pathway is blocked by a few of the medicines which makes the elimination of Xanax difficult and can lead to the longer effect of this medicine. A few examples of these medications are:

Check the ingredients in other medicines if you are going through any other therapy too. If you see any of the ingredients in those medicines ask your doctor about taking it or not.

What to do in case of overdose?

First of all, we advise you to strictly follow the prescription given by the doctor because an overdose can lead to serious issues and can also lead to death in some cases. There are a few symptoms of overdose that you need to know:

  • Slow or shallow breathing
  • Sleepiness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Cold skin
  • Narrowed or widened pupils
  • Uneven heartbeat
  • Unable to respond or get up

You should teach your family about all these symptoms. In case of overdose, there are high chances that the patient will pass out and the family must know what to do in that scenario. So, as soon as the family sees or you feel any of the above-stated symptoms they should immediately call the poison control center.  if the person has passed out then someone from the family should call 911 also for emergency help. You should always keep the rescue medicine Naloxone at home for these kinds of situations. Naloxone is the medicine used to reverse the effect of overdose. Someone in the family should give the patient this medicine after asking the doctor the right way to give it until the help arrives.


What if you miss a dose?

You should always keep remainder on your device or should tell someone in your family to remind you about the timings of your medicine but in case you forget taking a dose you should take it as soon as you remember and if you remember it near the time of your next dose then skip the missed dose but don’t take extra dose to make up for the missed one.

How long does this drug stay in our bodies? 

Experts use the term half-life to tell about how long a drug stays in our body. Half-life basically means the time period when half of the drug is out of our body. Xanax half-life is 8-10 hours. But it takes 4-5 half-lives to eliminate the whole drug out of the body. This means it can take up to 2-3 days for the drug to get eliminated from the body.

Is it legal to buy Xanax online?

It is completely legal to buy Xanax online from online pharmacies if you have a proper prescription. There are few pharmacies that sell it without prescription too but in most cases, it is found to be fake Xanax and a low-quality drug that can have serious effects on your health. It is advised to buy from authentic and time-tested online pharmacies like us.

Do you need a prescription to buy Xanax?

Yes, you should have a proper description to buy this medicine legally. If you go without a prescription you can easily get scammed with counterfeit medicines available in the market.