Top 10 Home Remedies for Body Pain

Home remedies for body pain

Medication is not the last option for relieving pain, you can get rid of body pain in natural ways. Whenever you experience any type of pain, try herbal or natural pain reliever ingredients.  

Some individuals depend on pain relief medicines which can also cause side effects and they don’t know about many types of herbs or spices that are used to relieve pain and inflammation. Today in this blog we will discuss the Top 10 home remedies for body pain.

It is important to consult with your doctor first, before taking any supplement or when you’re suffering from any serious health condition or using any other medication to naturally heal pain in the body. 

Types of Body Pain

Here are the different types of body pain, which make it easier to identify the type of pain and help the physician narrow down the causes and give their patient the best treatment.

Acute pain

Acute pain lasts for a certain length of time. It is related to tissue injury or a temporary illness. It can occur in joints, bones, muscles, and nerves of your body.

Chronic pain 

It lasts for more than six months. Chronic pain can start to impact your health condition if you are not taking proper treatment for it. 

People with chronic pain may face the symptoms of anxiety, depression, lack of energy, limited mobility, and other complications. 

Nociceptive pain 

Nociceptive pain is caused by damage to body tissue or sometimes by external injury. This pain is often experienced in the joints, muscles, skin, bones, and tendons.

Neuropathic pain 

This pain is caused by disease or dysfunction of the nervous system. In neuropathic pain, the patient feels pain from those things that aren’t usually painful like cold air, covering your body with clothes, etc. It is described as shooting, burning, electric shock, and many more things.

Top 10 Home Remedies for Body Pain 

1. Tarter Cherries 

It contains many antioxidants which are useful for lightening the symptoms of muscle damage. Drinking tart cherry juice or tart Montmorency cherry can promote tissue recovery and help in reducing post-exercise soreness. It is also helpful for athletes to manage the pain in muscles or all over the body. You can also add tarter cherries to your daily diet.  

2. Intake of caffeine

It is present naturally in plants like tea leaves and coffee beans. Caffeine plays a crucial role in pain modulation. Consume caffeine-contained products, which help in blocking certain pain receptors in the brain.

It is the easiest way to get your daily fill of caffeine by drinking coffee that relieves headaches and migraine.

3. Add turmeric to your diet 

Turmeric is the best way to get relief from body pain. This body aches home remedy has some beneficial properties like holistic healing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, etc., that help your body fight aches and improve immunity and overall health.

You can take turmeric powder in hot milk and add honey, drink this mixture at least once daily or before going to sleep. This home remedy is so beneficial for reducing whole-body pain. 

4. Apple Cider vinegar 

Mix the apple cider vinegar with honey and one glass of water mix it well and then consume the mixture. After taking it individuals get relief from pain. Repeat this natural pain relief remedy for one or two times a day. Take it in the recommended amount because excessive use can cause unwanted side effects.

5. Use ginger

It has many health-promoting benefits and helps to get relief from sore muscles. Ginger has powerful properties like analgesic and anti-inflammatory, which help in reducing pain.

Cut the ginger in 1–2 inches and add it to 1 cup of warm water also add some honey and boil this mixture for at least 5 to 6 minutes and stir it. Consume this ginger tea 2–3 times daily. It also protects your body from viruses fights bacteria and treats body aches.

6. Boswellia 

Boswellia is used generally to treat arthritis, asthma, general inflammation, brain swelling, etc. But it is also a safe treatment for easing pain stiffness in osteoarthritis. It is used in Ayurvedic medicines. 

7. Use Mustard oil

Mustard seeds contain a mineral called selenium that helps in combating joint pain in your body, so they are very effective for body aches. Use mustard oil with a small amount of salt and massage the painful area.

8. Applying ice and heat 

Applying ice can reduce swelling and inflammation and heat helps to reduce stiffness and applying a heat pad or ice pack directly to areas of pain. The ice pack or heat pad also helps reduce headaches or lower back pain. You can warm a heat pad in the microwave or you can use hot water in a hot bag to relieve pain and it is easy to use many times. 

9. Vitamins 

The body needs proper vitamins to function properly in your body. It causes various health issues if your body has vitamin deficiency. Pain, Muscle damage weakness can be caused by the deficiency of vitamin D, E, or B1. To increase your vitamin levels intake of vitamin-rich foods in your daily diet to rid of body aches.

10. Essential oil 

Out of the top 10 home remedies for body pain, essential oils such as lavender and peppermint are also the best natural painkillers.


Due to its light sedating and soothing effects, lavender is a popular pain-relieving essential oil and become effective for stress-realated pain in the head. People can directly apply this mild oil to the skin. The inhaling of this essential oil at night gives a relaxing sleep, which in turn helps to cure any type of body pain naturally.


It is known to reduce the occurrence of spasms. But it is also used to alleviate the pain that is caused due to migraines, pain. muscle aches and arthritis, when you take a massage of peppermint oil. It becomes more effective when it is mixed with lavender oil.


Concluding the blog, provided the top 10 home remedies for body pain but some home remedies are not good for everyone if the body pain indicates that something is wrong or there are serious health problems that require medical treatment. 

Before using any home remedies, talk to a physician who has training in natural remedies for treating body pain. If you are experiencing chronic pain, ask your healthcare provider which remedy or treatment is best to manage pain. 

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