Home Remedies for Hiccups 

Home Remedies For Hiccups

Hiccups are nothing but uncontrolled and repeated contractions of the diaphragm(muscle of respiration located below the lungs) accompanied by a classic sound hic from your vocal cords. 

Generally, it lasts for a few minutes and is common in all age groups people. Sometimes it can trigger health issues like liver disease, pneumonia, brain injury, or other health complications.

During hiccups, people sometimes feel a compression in the chest, throat, or stomach. People may try various ways to help get rid of hiccups fast, although it resolve on their own. This blog will provide you with the best home remedies for hiccups. So, Let’s start!

Causes of Hiccups 

Hiccups may be caused by nerve impatience that extends from the neck to the chest. Some of the common causes of this health complication may vary. It can occur from eating too quickly to even consuming hot or spicy food, drinking excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages or, quickly getting excited. 

Some of the other factors that are responsible for the occurrence of hiccups are drinking too much carbonated beverages, sudden temperature changes, taking high-pressure air directly into the throat, smoking, emotional stress, gastroesophageal reflux, and many more.

Best and Simple Home Remedies for Hiccups 

1. Holding Your breath 

Out of all home remedies for hiccups, this is an easy remedy to get rid of hiccups by taking a deep breath then holding it for a few seconds, and breathing out slowly. Repeat it for 5 times. This remedy can help to increase carbon dioxide levels, form positive airway pressure relax your diaphragm, etc. This exercise cum remedy can help to cure hiccups quickly. 

2. Consume Vinegar 

Vinegar helps to hiccup stop. You can drink any vinegar-containing juice or take one or two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in warm water and drink it. Do this method in a repeated way until your hiccups are gone. It is best for short-term hiccups.

3. Eating a Spoonful of Sugar 

Fill the spoon with brown or white sugar, and hold it in your mouth for 9–10 seconds. Then swallow the sugar and drink 1 large sip of water. It helps to scratch your throat and also helps you to focus on something else rather than hiccups. It can also help to stop spasms. This method exhilarates your pharynx and manipulates the uvula.

4. Gargling With Ice Water

It helps to activate nerves in the back of your throat. This remedy is similar to swallowing the sugar. Gargling with ice water works as magic by exciting certain parts of your mouth. It also provides stimulation to your Oropharynx.

5. Essential oil 

Peppermint or chamomile cures hiccups naturally and it is extracted from the Peppermint herb. It is the most versatile essential oil for its therapeutic properties. Chamomile comes from the tropical flower of the chamomile plant. It is popular due to its medicinal value. It helps to relieve muscle in the diaphragm to reduce reduction of the main cause of hiccups.

6. Eat Lemon Slice 

Suck the lemon, you can also sprinkle salt on it. This can increase pungency and give results fast, but salt is optional. Mix the lemon juice in a glass of water or drink a spoonful of undiluted lemon juice. Lemon juice helps to stop hiccups. It distracts your brain from hiccups and crushes the nerves.

7. Breath Into The Paper Bag 

Slowly exhale or inhale into the bag. This technique helps your body to relax and enhance the carbon dioxide (CO2) in your blood. This method also prevents the spasms that cause hiccups.

8. Don’t Take Stress 

It is one of the common causes that increases short-term hiccups. Do several types of stress reliever exercises that help to reduce stress, and you feel stress-free every day. Add yoga to your daily routine and continue doing it mainly in the morning. Do healing prayer or meditation. Spend your free time in places that are filled with the ethnic beauty of nature. Use lavender and Roman chamomile essential oils. Both oils have the potential to get free from stress. 


Concluding the blog, people of all ages can get hiccups at different points in their lives. But they are not to be found any serious issues and are resolved on their own without any treatment. You can go through the above-mentioned top home remedies for hiccups to stop.

In case of facing any difficulty caused by hiccups, consult with your healthcare professional on an urgent basis. The information used above is only for reference and should not be constituted as medical expert advice.

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