Privacy Policy

Who We Are?

Newlifemedix is a best online pharmacy and we provide the best quality meds at an affordable price. We sell ADHD medicines, Sleeping pills, Medicines for pain relief, Anti-anxiety medications, medicines for weight loss, and men’s sexual health medicines as well as thousands of other madecines at cheap prices.

What Personal Data We Collect and why?

We never collect your information without your permission. To collect the information of customers we designed a” Contact Us” page and buyers fill the form by own. In the form, we take personal information like the customer’s name, email, phone number, address and age, and some other information related to the product. If you signup at our site and you don,t fill out the contact us page then we have only your email id, not your password. With the help of your email, we can only inform you through email about sales, offers, and more.

Why We Collect Data?

We collect only some data of buyers because when we provide sales or exclusive offers on our online portal then we can inform our customers about it that helps the customer to get cheaper medicine. At our site we are also active in providing health tips and if we sare any informational tips about any medicine then we inform about it to the customers, who buy that medicine recently. That information is provided by the medical expert and we will publish that information after rechecking the information. If you only signup at our site then we have only your email id, not your password and we can only inform you through email about sales, offers, and more.

How We Use Your Information?

We may use customers’ information to communicate with them. If your question is why we contact our customers so we have your information like email ID, phone number, cell phone number or Fax number and we can contact you with it. The main reason to contact you is that we provide any sale or any new offer like free delivery, sale, or any other exclusive offers then we will inform you about it. With the help of this communication, the customers are aware of our offers and they can get benefit through that information. We also provide health tips on our website and if our medical professionals publish any guidelines related to any medical help. If our team publishes any article related to any medicine and any customer bought that medicine in the past then we inform that customers through the mail or message and help them to stay healthy and safe. You can trust us with the help of cookies we can only collect your basic information and use that information we have already told you. We do have not any sensitive information of visitors the thousand of customers we have that believe in us. With the help of this belief and trust, we are one of the service providers in our field.

How to Manage Your Information?

Our website permits our visitors to view their profiles. If applicable, access-related information about any visitor and he can request changes to, or deletion of, such Information. You can access a page that provides your information. If you want to change any information such as phone no. and your address then you can change there. If any visitor wants to remove his data from our site then he can log out easily and the data remove automatically or you can clear your cache history. We just collect your information for a purpose that we can inform you about our new offers and some awesome health tips. For the acceptance of cookies, we do not have any sensitive information of customers we only have that data that you give us on our own. And we already told you why we collect your information. The main reason to store your data is that when you come again our site to purchase any medicine then you do not need to fill again your information. Just place your order and we will deliver your order to your doorstep as soon as possible.

Use Of Cookies

There is very unusual information is available on the internet about cookies that are not good. First of all, you should know about cookies. A cookie is a small piece of information that a website places on visitors’ hard drives, who accept the cookie policy of the site. Cookies never collect any sensitive information of visitors. uses cookies to analyze data about our web page traffic, which helps us to save user preferences for their future visit. If you signup or comment on any product and you put your email and name there, after that in the future if you come again to our site then you do not need to fill in that information again. That is a real use of cookies and if you want to remove information then just delete your history or cookies, your information will delete automatically from any site.

Information Sharing

We never share our customer’s information with any third-party sites. never rent, exchange, or sell our buyer’s information with any third party for commercial reasons. Our customers believe us and we are always loyal to our customers that’s why they believe us. And with the help of this trust, we are growing fastly and we believe we will become the best service provider in the USA.

When This Privacy Policy Applies?

This policy applies when you buy or signup on or you accept cookies. If you want to buy any medicine from our site then you fill in your information for delivery like email, phone address. We use this information to inform you about your order and deliver that. If any customer just visits our site then we do not have any data of that visitor, if you are a customer of Newlifemedix then we have some basic information that we use for your future reference. If you are at our site then do not worry about your data and buy the best quality medicine that you need and get that medicine from sitting home.

Contact Information

If you have any doubt or any queries about the privacy policy then go to the “Contact Us” page and contact our customer care executive about this policy. And we are available 24×7 to help you.