How To Use Linzess For Weight Loss?

How to use linzess for weight loss

First, we learn about linzess which is a prescription medicine, you can say that it is a brand-name Linaclotide medicine.

It treats the following digestive environments in adults – Irritable bowel syndrome, chronic idiopathic constipation, and other unknown causes. This is a capsule that is taken only once a day without food(empty stomach). It is used to relieve constipation. The generic name of the linzess is linaclotide. Linzess(linaclotide) is currently available in the brand medication.

What is Linzess?

Linzess is a medicine that is prescribed by a doctor and used to treat irritable bowel syndrome with constipation and chronic idiopathic( which causes frequent for unknown reasons) constipation for adults. It can only be prescribed by doctors.

Linzess dosage forms

The Linzess capsules come in three different varieties 72 mcg, 145 mcg, and 290 mcg, depending on which one you take.
The 145 and 290 mcg are for adults and 72 mcg is for 6 to 17 year olds. You can take it in the morning without food, or half an hour before breakfast.

Use of Linzess

The best way to take this medicine the morning, usually once a day with an empty stomach at least 35 min before breakfast. Completely inhale the capsules. Never chew or shatter the pills.

You can open the capsule and mix the contents with a teaspoon of applesauce if you have problems swallowing. Without chewing, immediately ingest the combination. Avoid storing the mixture for later use.

How to use linzess for weight loss

Now the question is how to use Linzess for weight loss so, Linzess is not a medication for losing weight. However, some patients who have taken this drug for chronic constipation on a regular basis have lost weight. vomiting, fever, bloating, mucus in the stool, nausea, and blood in the stool are the side effects of Linzess.

Side Effect of Linzess

They can be mild or serious side effects. There are many side effects depending on the condition the linzess is used to treat.

First, Let’s talk about the mild side effects and then the serious side effects.

Mild side effects of Linzess can include –

  • Gas
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Mild diarrhea

Most of these side effects may go away within 1 week. If they don’t go away then talk to your doctor.

Serious side effects of Linzess can include

1. Allergic reaction –

As with most medications, taking Linzess can cause an adverse reaction in some people.

A minor allergic reaction may cause the following symptoms –

  • Itchy skin rash
  • Flushes

An allergic reaction may cause the following symptoms –

  • Swell under your skin Usually in your hands feet, lips, eyelids, or hands.
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Throat swelling, tongue, mouth
2. Severe diarrhea

Usually when you take this medicine then side effects occur like diarrhea that includes –

  • Infection
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea fever
  • Pain
  • Stomach flu
  • Some cancers
  • Surgery on your digestive system
3. Trouble breathing

Some people find it difficult to breathe when they are sick. Others experience it as a result of infections like sinusitis. When you have sinusitis, it might be difficult to breathe through your nose for a week or two before the swelling subsides and your clogged sinuses start to drain.

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  • For best results Take the medicine in the morning without breakfast (on an empty stomach) at least 35 min before breakfast.
  • Do not chew, break, or open the capsule
  • If you are using this medicine regularly then you should Stop using this medicine. you can contact your doctor if you have severe diarrhea., severe pain, fever, itching, or tarry stools.
  • You don’t use this medicine if you have intestine blockage.

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