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Blue Paxil 30 mg is an anti-anxiety pill used for the treatment of adults facing anxiety. This oval-shaped blue pill is also used for the treatment of  Postmenopausal Symptoms, generalized anxiety disorder, depression, and stress. But before using the pill for any purpose, make sure you get a complete checkup from your doctor to prevent any chemical interactions.

Paxil 30 mg can be harmful if taken without any guidance and cause death if overdosed. There are several side effects of the pill such as nausea, trouble in sleeping, headache, dry mouth, weakness, etc.

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The generic form of Paxil is paroxetine which is used to treat anxiety disorder. This pill has been FDA-approved to treat a major panic and anxiety disorder. The range of the pill is up to 40 mg. The oral Paxil 30mg medicine is an antidepressant SSRI used to treat the increasing level of depression.

This pill is usually not recommended for children less than 18 years old by the doctor. The 30 mg of Paxil is only approved for adults and not approved for children to be prescribed by the doctor. The drug Paxil is available in tablet form and the dose gradually increases to 30 mg according to the patient’s medical health.

Uses Of Paxil 30 mg Blue Pill:

Paxil 30mg pills are only available under doctors’ prescription for medical use. The doctor prescribes the pill after judging your age and medical history for beneficial use. Our main goal is to provide you with information on when you can take this pill and how it is beneficial. Below you can see the uses of this approved pill.

Usage of Paxil 30mg capsule:

  • To treat depression
  • Help to recover from Panic disorder
  • Used to diagnose social anxiety disorder
  • Used for treating Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Help to recover Premenstrual dysphoric disorder
  • Used for Generalised anxiety disorder treatment

How To Take Paxil 30mg Medication:

It is important to read the instructions before taking the prescribed medicine as directed by your doctor. Read the guidelines of dosage carefully while taking the medicine. The dosage must completely depend on your medical health and history.

Read the following steps for taking Paxil pill:

  • Take only the medication dosage as directed by your doctor.
  • Take these pills with or without food.
  • Do not break the tablet, it should be swallowed with a glass of water.
  • If you are taking liquid suspension always measure the dose in a spoon that contains the accurate amount.
  • Do not take long-term prescriptions without taking advice from your doctor.
  • Always drink enough water while swallowing the tablet.
  • Take the medication with food as per your doctor’s prescription.

Adverse Effects Of Long-Term Use Of Paxil 30mg Pill:

The patient has been experiencing the risk of adverse effects while taking Paxil pills. The Paxil dosage also increases the risk of side effects when you are taking it without your doctor’s approval.

Some common side effects of using Paxil 30mg include:

  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Jitters
  • Sleeping apnea
  • Weight gain
  • Mental fogginess

Severe side effects:

Storage Of Paxil 30 Mg Pill:

The prescribed medicine also requires storage. It is important to understand storage while using Paxil pills, and where to keep these pills safe. This pill should be kept in a cool room away from heat and moisture. It is a must to keep this medication away from children and not to dispose of any unused medicine in the garbage.

If you find any difficulty in storing or disposing of unused medicine, visit the pharmacy and get advice on the storage of medicine and also on how to dispose the unused medicine.

Warnings While Using Paxil 30mg Pill:

Research studies have suggested that Paxil pills may increase the risk of anxiety disorder mainly in children and adults. Too much use of this pill can cause drug addiction or overdose which can lead to life threatening. Only doctors have the approval to prescribe the medicine to each individual under 24 years old.

If you notice any changes in behavior including depression after a change in dosage, you should immediately report it to the doctor. Taking a low dose of the drug can also cause side effects because it takes time to settle down the medication. Take the medication as per schedule as prescribed by your doctor, as it decreases the risk of depression or any opioid disorder.

Make sure you are taking the right medication, it has a high risk of worsening medical conditions. If you are not sure about the dose you can ask your healthcare specialist again. If you miss a dose, avoid taking it with a second dose as it may be dangerous for your health.

How To Stop Paxil 30mg Drug Addiction:

Medication is an important ingredient of the medical health. It is a must to visit your doctor for regular check-ups to be sure that this medicine is working properly. Always read the following instructions before using any medications as provided by your doctor.

There are a few steps to follow for precautions:

  • People who are addicted to another drug, do not use this medication.
  • Avoid long-term prescriptions without consulting with your doctor.
  • Paxil 30 mg pill is not provided without healthcare approval
  • Discontinuing the tablet may create a worse medical condition.
  • Do not increase your medication dosage without your doctor’s permission.
  • Always remember to ask and discuss with your pharmacist for your medical health.
  • Teach your family member or colleague about the medication dosage.
  • Store the medicine in a safe place and keep it away from the children.
  • Do not share your medicine with others, as if someone accidentally swallows your medication it requires immediate medical help.

Interaction Of Paxil 30mg Capsule With Other Drugs

If you are using other drugs, make sure the doctor knows about your using herbal products or other medicines. The interaction of this medication with another drug may harm the patient’s health and increase the serious risk including fast heart rate, seizures, vomiting, and such.

Drug interaction between two medications may decrease the effects of the medicine and cause adverse effects. It is important to note, that the patient must take the prescribed drugs after consulting with your doctor.

Some common drugs may interact:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it safe to use Paxil 30mg capsule?

Usually, the dosage of the pill depends on your medical health history. This pill should be taken as prescribed by your doctor only then it is safe to consume Paxil 30mg tablet.

Q2. What happens if we suddenly stop taking the Paxil 30mg?

The medication is always taken as advised by your doctor. Stopping taking the pills can cause many symptoms including sleeping, nervousness, appetite, and such.

Q3. How much time does paxil 30mg take time to work in the body?

Paxil 30mg capsule is an active medication that can be taken 7-8 hours affect in the body after the latest dose.

Q4. What do Paxil 30mg pills look like?

Paxil 30 mg is a blue-colored oval-sized pill with PAXIL imprinted on one side and 30 on the other.

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