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Suboxone is a prescription medication and it is a member of a drug category that’s called narcotic analgesic combination.  Its generic name is Buprenorphine / Naloxone. Suboxone medication belongs to a category of medicine referred to as mixed opioid- antagonists. It is a facilitator to treat the disorder and this helps to withdraw to excellent health once used.

Use of Suboxone

Suboxone is used to treat opioid disorders and facilitate withdrawal from the symptoms of that addiction. It is conjointly used for chronic pain once the opposite non-opioid and opioid medicines are useful for the patient. And conjointly used for an entire treatment program that conjointly includes counseling and activity medical aid.

Side effects of Suboxone

If you take the suboxone in step with the doctor’s prescription there can be less probability of facet effects, however, individuals face side effects from it with the victimization of the wrong prescription. Some side effects of using Suboxone:

  • Constipation
  • Sleepiness
  • Headache
  • High blood Pressure
  • Depression
  • Feeling anxiety
  • Stomach Pain
  • Unusual temporary state
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting etc.

If you find out in your body feel any above variety of symptoms you may contact to your doctor and asked to them and do an examination of your body and conjointly checked your medication isn’t working properly.

Severe allergic reaction:

  • Swelling of the lips, tongue, throat
  • Trouble breathing
  • Blurred vision
  • Skin rash or hives
  • Loss of Coordination
  • Slurred speech
  • Severe withdrawal symptoms
  • Abuse and dependence

Warning to use before taking Suboxone

  • Suboxone could be a high-power medicine that may slow or stop your breathing. And should be addictive.
  • Misuse of Suboxone is a lethal medicine that may cause death within the blink of an eye fixed.
  • Don’t use this medication during pregnancy and also at the time of breastfeeding a newborn. It causes grave withdrawal symptoms within the newborn.
  • Suboxone isn’t beneficial for adults and beneath 18-year-old adults or in any malady inflicting side effects to your body.
  • Fetal face side effects after being born in their body. They feel drowsiness or slow breathing.
  • Don’t inhale/taste the smell together with your nose and tongue, once doing this you face lightheadedness.


  • It is a prescription medication so don’t use this medicine while not following the rules of a doctor.
  • Don’t take this medication because after you get better, you ask your doctor to prevent the drugs and once more to try and do a medical examination of your body.
  • If you feel the medicine will eliminate you, don’t take it while not taking the prescription otherwise it’s inflicting the dose and damaging your health.
  • If you purchase Suboxone online or offline then check the production date and expiry date of the medicine before using it.
  • Avoid taking it daily and do not add that to your habit.
  • If you ever feel an allergic reaction to using this medicine, you tell your doctor and raise them to vary the drugs of treatment as short as possible.


  • Suboxone SxS stored at 25 degrees C(77 F), Excursions permitted to 15-30 degrees C (59-86 F). Keep Suboxone is a very safe palace, out of the sight and reach of youngsters.

Drug Interactions

Drugs that will cause negative effects on your body. Suboxone could be a family member of drugs named Benzodiazepines, such as Xanax (alprazolam). Klonopin (clonazepam), benzodiazepine (diazepam), Ativan (lorazepam) and Restoril (temazepam). The use of Suboxone is the most specific reason to even die daily. The dose of medication is the specific reason for deaths.

Overdose of Suboxone Medicine

What is an overdose?

The consumption of any medication to the last level of it then was harmful to our body health, like happens with us drowsiness, vomiting, dizziness, etc. It absolutely was the symptoms of Overdose.

What happens when overdose uses of Suboxone:

Suboxone comes with a high power of the ability to enhance your health quickly. The instructed target of the total dose for a day is the very 8-16 mg Suboxone Film. A minimum daily dose of 32 mg is not to be exceeded. If you take the dose after 4 to 6 hours of the medicine, you are safe. But if you take another dose in a very high amount in  4 hours you may lose smart power, brain hemorrhage, coma, and sudden death are also possible.

Dosage for Suboxone

Suboxone is meant forarcticulator and is accessible in four dosage strengths:

  1. 2 mg buprenorphine with 0.5 mg naloxone
  2. 4 mg buprenorphine with 1 mg naloxone
  3. 8 mg buprenorphine with 2 mg naloxone
  4. 12 mg buprenorphine with 3 mg naloxone

≻More people ask about the Suboxone is following-

Will Suboxone cause you to be sleepy?

Suboxone is prescription medication wont to treat the symptoms related to opioid withdrawal. It is manufactured from a mix of buprenorphine and naltrexone- 2 opioid antagonists that serve similar operations. It makes us lazy once we feel asleep once using Suboxone medication.

What is the real myth/thoughts concerning  Suboxone? Some story concerning the Suboxone-

  • You aren’t extremely in recovery if you’re on Suboxone.
  • People often misuse Suboxone.
  • It’s as simple to dose on Suboxone as it is to dose with other opiates.
  • Suboxone is not a treatment for addiction if you are not obtaining medical aid at the side of it therapy along with it.
  • Suboxone ought to solely be taken a brief amount of your time.
  • Suboxone isn’t beneficial to pregnant women and breastfeeding a newborn.

Frequently Asked Question

How long does it stay in our bodies?

  • Buprenorphine is found in your blood, urine, hair, & saliva.
  • Buprenorphine could be a partial agonist that works by activating opioid receptors within the brain.
  • This impact is a smaller amount pronounced than within the case of opioids like diacetylmorphine[narcotic]and heroin.
  • The impact of the Suboxone remains once the use time for successive  5 to 6 days, the symptoms keep for several times.

Who can prescribe Suboxone?

GPs are unit ready to dictate Suboxone while not restriction. As a result, they need to administer buprenorphine.

Who will administer buprenorphine?

Any doctor can administer (not prescribe) opioids, together with buprenorphine for the times they do not possess the coaching or discharge needed by law.

Can any Doctor prescribe buprenorphine?

The amendment can enable the majority of physicians to prescribe the addiction drug buprenorphine, in spite of whether or not they’ve obtained a government waiver.

Is it legal to Buy?

  • Suboxone is legal to buy, however the rules of doctor prescription. The vendor does not offer a prescription if the doctor suggests purchasing medicine for your health quickly.

Who can dispense buprenorphine?

After the implement the “ Drug Addiction Treatment Act” of 2000, buprenorphine may be prescribed by the surface the Narcotic Treatment Program(NTP)  setting by physicians who complete a federally mandated 8-hours training, and who have subsequently received a special DEA(Drug Enforcement Administer waiver to prescribe buprenorphine for opioid replacement therapy.

Can a Nurse clinician prescribe buprenorphine?

After 2016, the Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Act permitted nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) to obtain a waiver to prescribe buprenorphine to treat opioid use disorder (OUD), with the goal of increasing access to the current treatment.

Can a standard person dictate the Suboxone

If a standard person needs to attach with an Associate in Nursing organization, doctors that case the conventional person prescribes, he had not in the least permission to prescribe the medicine.

Is Suboxone Safe for Pregnant women?

    • Doctors usually suggest Suboxone be used with pregnant folk over a conventional treatment using an exploitation fixer. The study has shown that babies are unit exposed to Suboxone in utero furthermore or perhaps higher than babies exposed to conventional opioid treatments, like methadone. Suboxone may be a safe medication and effective for the treatment of pregnant ladies with an opioid dependency that may be helpful for the through withdrawal.
  • Before Childbirth

At the time of birth, the pregnant lady enters labor, a physician may prescribe a high dose of Suboxone to scale back the requirement of extra pain medication following childbirth.

  • After Childbirth

After childbirth, doctors and nurses can closely monitor the newborn for any signs of withdrawal or health-related issues.  Therein time the physician can coordinate a Suboxone treatment with the new mother’s OB-GYN to confirm she receives the very best potential level of baby care.

Do you need a prescription for Suboxone?

  • Suboxone could be a prescription medication utilized in treating those addicted to opioids, illegal or prescription. It contains the ingredients Buprenorphine and Naloxone.
  • Because within the wrong work it’s using much time to trying to making attempt to the murder of anyone.
  • That is the rationale why anyone would obtain this medication for our personal use and for doing wrong work in any case while not under the prescription of the doctor.
  • If you have the benefits of the user and you also know the side effects of the user, you don’t use it with other medication.